When you see a truly breathtaking cake, do you ever wonder "How do they do it?"

Professionals are constantly pushing the limits of what's possible with cake-creating. You must have seen countless mind-blowing cakes on social media by now 🤯

It makes you contemplate how these people become so good and what sorcery they're conjuring, right? We promise, there's no witchcraft involved!

The answer is simple and we're guessing the reason you're here is to find out for yourself.

We've got great news for you. Pipedreams is built around having the answers and we're ready to reveal all to those who dare seek them.

Just imagine the relief of being guided through all the techniques that have left you feeling frustrated in the past and the joy of revelling in multiple "Aha!" moments as you finally discover the secrets to how they do it.

So start your journey today, join the upper crust of cake decorating and prepare for others to ask you, how do you do it?

Fantastic tips and knowledge shared
Jaimee led us through the butter icing and drip decorations step-by-step, with top tips and examples which she’s built through her own extensive experience. A relaxed yet professional environment which was welcoming, friendly and expertly delivered. Everyone in the group had fun, achieved a fantastic result and left feeling confident about replicating what they’d learnt. Best of all, the cakes look and taste amazing!
Louise M

Lots of fun for all ages
My son loved this workshop! It’s suitable for different age ranges, boys and girls. The lady running the class did excellent tutorials that all the children grasped. The end product was great and the kids had so much fun during the entire session. Tanya the owner of pipedreams was very lovely and welcoming. I highly recommend signing your little ones up for this!
Emily C


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